Customer Service In “The World Inside Your Door”

The “World Inside Your Door” is the world of the customer’s experience. The place where you must make good on all the bold promises you’ve made in your advertising. How well do you deliver on those promises?

Don’t expect advertising to fix problems inside your door. If there’s a deficiency in the quality of your customer’s experience, fix it!

The two excerpts above are from an incredible business book titled: Secret Formulas of the Wizard Of Ads by Roy H. Williams; chapter 64. They hit home with me because I’ve often thought those very same words.

Do you ever think those words and really ponder on them?

3 thoughts on “Customer Service In “The World Inside Your Door”

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. If the inside doesn’t match the outside it will quickly become known to your customer base. I also think that too many are trying to gain marketshare by being something they are not. Get the world inside right, then go and let the world outside know how good it is there.

    • I agree with you David about the marketshare. If a business gets customer service right, they will rarely ever have to worry about market share. I just can’t understand why they don’t get it! Thanks for the reply.

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