I Don’t Want Customer Loyalty Cards And Extra Discounts!

Customer loyalty cards and giving “extra” discounts are not authentic customer appreciation.

These things are marketing tactics to induce me to shop at your store or website. Don’t get me wrong.  They are ok marketing tactics but that’s all they are. I take them for what they are worth but I don’t take them as “appreciation”.

If you want to express real appreciation to me, appreciation that I believe is sincere, you’ll  have to do it face-to-face and right at the point of sale.

Give me a “free” pen!

Give me a “free” calendar!

Give me a “free” notepad!

Don’t give me another pitch!

Better yet, give me a thank-you for shopping at your store and tell me to contact you if I have any problems with the merchandise or service I purchased. Tell me you’ll be there to help me. Tell me that is what you are there to do. Give me the assurance that you really want me to be satisfied doing business with you.

Say these things to me and follow through and I will be loyal. It’s a whole lot cheaper than discounts and it really “buys” more customer loyalty.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Customer Loyalty Cards And Extra Discounts!

    • David:

      Thank you for the comment and the link. Frequent flier programs are in the top 5 on my poor customer service policies list. They are very discriminatory and actually waste a lot of money for airlines. The people that actually take advantage of these miles are in a position to pay full fare anyway and would do so.

      I’m going to cut this reply short because you’ve inspired me to write the next post on my blog devoted entirely to this subject. I’ll talk about what’s wrong with the current programs and how they can actually create customer animosity. I’ll talk about the only loyalty program that I’ve ever come across that treats every customer equally and builds loyalty at every “price-point”.

      I hope you’ll come back to read it.

      Thanks again!

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