Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Joe Roselle. I finally gave in to the proding of others. People who know me having been pushing for me to discuss my methods and policies about customer service.

So, what makes me qualified to give anyone advice on this subject?

Probably my 38 years of experience owning and operating a retail business, and having policies and attitudes that contributed greatly to our success. I dealt daily, face to face with customers of all types and had to handle the good and the bad aspects of  of these encounters.

Our stores were well known for exceptional customer service. We had customers that would travel from up to 150 miles away to do business with us. These people could purchase the same products we had where they lived. They came because they liked the way we treated them.

The policies and techniques we used and adhered to were effective and timeless.

When I talk (write) about this subject, I cut through the artificial hype, the jargon, and the false premises that are being used so much out there to formulate customer service policies. In many ways my methods are different, but oh! so effective.

My desire is to show people how to establish meaningful customer service policies that are less stressful on bosses, employees, and customers.

Thanks again for reading, I welcome comments.

Joe Roselle

P.S. I’m a golfer, I’m still pretty good on water skis, and I love to read non-fiction.

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