Customer Service Is Not About Knowing Power, Voltage, Amps And Ohms!

When you want to turn on a light in your house, here’s what needs to happen for the light to function.

  1. You need power running to that switch from your electrical box. This power is generated at a plant owned by your electricity company and delivered to your house through a series of transformers and electrical lines.
  2. You need amps, (the flow of electrons), through the wires and your light.
  3. You need voltage, (the electrical pressure that pushes the amps through the wires and your light).
  4. You’ll have ohms in your wires. Ohms are resistance to the electron flow.

Do you need to know all of this stuff to simply turn on your light? Not really. You only have to walk up to the switch and flip it on. The above knowledge is useless to you for your purposes.

In regards to customer service, what are you trying to learn about your customers that may be useless to you?

Don’t spend time learning about power, voltage, amps and ohms.

Spend your time in direct contact with customers and you’ll learn all you need to know about servicing them!


The Single Best Foundation Piece For An Effective Customer Retention Policy!

Can a doctor really help you if he doesn’t have a good grasp of medical knowledge?

Can an auto mechanic really help you if he has limited knowledge of car engines?

Can an attorney really help you that isn’t fully versed in the law?

Without the proper knowledge, these people have a limited usefulness to you if you need help.

The more they know and understand about their field of expertise, the more they are able to help you and the better they will be at doing so.

How much knowledge do you have and how much do you understand about what you do?


Knock-Out-Customer-Service Rule #6

“If you care about your customers enough to give them the service you should be giving them, the term…. going the extra mile…. will be totally irrelevant”.

                                                                                           Joe Roselle

A Guy Named Joe And Customer Service!

There was this guy who worked in a shoe store. The store was located in a strip plaza. The parking was very convenient.

Joe always felt bad when he saw handicapped people struggle to get from their car into the store.

One day, he saw one of these customers parking in front of the store. He immediately went out to the parking lot and told the customer that to make it easier on them, he would fit their feet right there in the car if that would be more convenient.

The customer was delighted with this offer and agreed. Everything went fine and when they were done, Joe told the customer that whenever they came to buy shoes, to just send someone into the store and he would go to the car to take care of them.

Joe simply wanted to make it easier for this customer. He sincerely felt bad that their problem made it difficult for them to shop.

Was this the only customer Joe would do this for? Not after the word got out!

Did Joe offer that service just to get positive word of mouth? No!

Did Joe build a loyal following of customers with mobility problems? Yes!

Did he also sell shoes to those customer’s family and friends?  Yes!

How do I know that Joe really gained all of those loyal customers because he provided that service?

The Joe I talk about above is none other than yours truly!

A How-To Manual For Destroying Customer Retention And Loyalty!

Since there are so many businesses out there that seem intent on destroying customer loyalty and retention, I thought I would put out a step-by-step manual that will help them do a quick and thorough job of destroying their service and not waste a lot of time in the process. This list applies to sales associates and management.

In no particular order:

  1. Be apathetic towards all customers.
  2. Sell crappy products and don’t stand behind them.
  3. Never apologize if a customer is unhappy. It’ll make you look soft!
  4. Never admit your products could have faults…….. you don’t want to upset your vendors.
  5. Make sure your associates understand how stupid customers really are.
  6. Sell people anything and get them out the door so you can get on with your paperwork before there is another customer to “cash” out.
  7. Never acknowledge a customer. This is a business, you’re not here to make friends. You’re here to push products out the door.
  8. Never, never, make your discounts clear and easy for customers to understand.
  9. Don’t give actual discounts. Mark your products up in price to give the appearance of a discount. You always have to  keep the stockholders interests at heart.
  10. Make customers wait a long time for any assistance. Maybe they won’t come back again and bother you.
  11. Be sure to hire a CEO who only understands numbers. You don’t want them to waste their valuable time caring about customers.
  12. Be sure to tell all customers who make a purchase…”you bought it, you own it”.
  13. Make sure your sales associates don’t really understand the products they are selling. They’ll waste too much time communicating this to customers.
  14. Never hire enough people to handle your customer flow. It’s not worth the added expense.
  15. Never, ever walk a customer to the merchandise they are looking for or to the department they should be in. Always point them in the right direction. Otherwise, you might get tired out before your shift ends.
  16. Train all associates to shut down their brains while working. (No creative thinking allowed).
  17. Never say “thank you” to a customer especially if they buy something.
  18. Never tell a customer you don’t know the answer to their question but “I’ll find out for you in a moment”.
  19. Never ask a customer if they are happy with their purchase.
  20. Teach all associates that the customers are out to “get us”! This way they are ready to do battle.
  21. It’s more important to have low paid help so you have more money for executive bonuses and the stockholders.
  22. Always remember, if all of your help quits, you’re smart enough and capable enough, and have enough time to get all of their work done yourself. They’re not worth anywhere near what you are worth.
  23. A good way to get your money’s worth out of those high paid associates is to give them plenty of paperwork and stock work to get done. That way they won’t waste too much time with customers.
  24. Never let associates say to a customer….”I’m here to help you”.
  25. Do everything on this list so you can keep the stockholders satisfied and “loyal”!

I kept this list to only 25 simple steps. There are more things you can do, but that would just be overkill! The above will do a thorough job of meeting your objective. 25 simple, easy to implement steps that can help you rid your business of the bother of customer service and customer retention. Good luck!