Customer Service Is Not About Knowing Power, Voltage, Amps And Ohms!

When you want to turn on a light in your house, here’s what needs to happen for the light to function.

  1. You need power running to that switch from your electrical box. This power is generated at a plant owned by your electricity company and delivered to your house through a series of transformers and electrical lines.
  2. You need amps, (the flow of electrons), through the wires and your light.
  3. You need voltage, (the electrical pressure that pushes the amps through the wires and your light).
  4. You’ll have ohms in your wires. Ohms are resistance to the electron flow.

Do you need to know all of this stuff to simply turn on your light? Not really. You only have to walk up to the switch and flip it on. The above knowledge is useless to you for your purposes.

In regards to customer service, what are you trying to learn about your customers that may be useless to you?

Don’t spend time learning about power, voltage, amps and ohms.

Spend your time in direct contact with customers and you’ll learn all you need to know about servicing them!


Small Favors Equal Great Customer Service!

This is about another example of great customer service. It’s something I used to do in my shoe store. It impressed customers and increased sales. Although I never gave this service with any intention of selling something, I got many compliments for doing it and I know it was very helpful toward building customer loyalty. Why?

Simply because it showed customers that I cared about them.

I’ve mentioned that there are services you must provide just to have your door open. But those aren’t the things that make customers want to come back. Believe it or not, it’s the stupid little extra things you do for people that impress them the most. Quite often these extras cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time and attention. But these types of things show how you care. And that’s the operative word! CARE. Once customers realize this, they will listen to you and you have a much greater chance of making sales.

I also want to stress that these little things are what cause great word-of-mouth advertising for you. It’s stuff that stands out because it is unusual. Customers remember the unusual. If it’s positive, they will talk about it.

So what was this great little service I provided to customers?

Many time when people came into my store, their shoes might be somewhat dirty or need a little polish. In the course of trying new shoes on them, I would take their shoes to the back room and give them a quick cleaning or apply some polish to make them look better. I didn’t care if they ended up buying from me or not. I just thought it was a nice thing to do for people. Understand, I couldn’t do this for everyone all the time, but I usually would do it if time allowed. It was just one of the many little things I had in my customer service arsenal.

Now, I understand that you might not be in the shoe business and be able to do what I did above, but that is not what I’m trying to impart. Pay attention to the mind-set used here. If you understand that mind-set, you can apply it to whatever you do. If you understand your business well enough, you can think of little extras that you can do for customers. This applies to brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses.

This is not theory, this is empirical (I use that word a lot) information! This is not stuff that might work to your benefit, it does work to your benefit!

Not fancy, not epic, but powerful and effective and I might add…….low cost with high returns!